Image of the UDlive Bin Sensor

UDlive Bin Sensor

Cost effective and flexible container level sensing and alerting for all types of bins. Accurate laser based system, easy to fit and maintain.

5+ year Battery Life

--20 to 70°C Operating Temperatures

IP68 Encapsulation

Illustration of a UDlive Bin Sensor transmitting data.

Insightful Data

UDlive Bin Sensors allow you to target your waste disposal service to where it's needed the most. With many bins being popular one day and less popular the next, the insightful data from our sensors allow you to target your waste disposal service where it's needed the most. Leading to far fewer overflowing bins, and no wasted visits to near-empty bins. Rarely used bins are also flagged so you can move them to a different location.

Image of an installed UDlive Bin Sensor.

Easy Installations and Maintenance

The UDlive Bin Sensor can easily be installed in a variety of bins as a retrofit plug-and-play device. With an ultra-long battery life of 5+ years and over-the-air updates, frequent manual visits to the location are not necessary to understand how your bins are used. The sensor unit can easily be replaced which allows it to be moved or upgraded.

A render of the UDlive Bin Sensor's components
  • 5+ year battery life
  • Robust external housing
  • Powerful sensor array

Practical Sensors

In addition to the primary sensor that takes and transmits fill-level readings, the UDlive Bin Sensor includes a movement sensor that can be used to show collection or usage activity, as well as alerting of incidents of theft of the sensor or damage to the bin. A temperature sensor is also included to help inform decisions on cleaning. There is also capability for sensor expansion (e.g. noise / environmental)

Screenshot of the UDlive Portal

UDlive Portal

Market leading ease and efficiency for deploying sensors and capturing installation data. Complement analytics systems with UDlive portal providing effort free device status management.

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