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CatsEye II Pixel II

Pixel II is a groundbreaking low-cost water level sensor - the perfect solution for sewer systems and a variety of other applications! With all-in-one and external level sensor. With its easy installation process, you won't have to worry about any confined entries. Plus, you'll enjoy an extended battery life and the precision of a radar level sensor capable of measuring ranges of 14 metres and beyond. Pixel II is a cutting-edge water level sensor with the latest in technology, offering remarkable features at an unbeatable cost.

5 min

Installation Time

8+ year

Battery Life (subject to usage)



Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel.

Highly Accurate

Experience the ultimate in monitoring technology using the Pixel II radar-based water level sensor! With configurable minute intervals, you can enjoy continuous water level monitoring that provides unparalleled accuracy and precision. Unlike similar price products, the Pixel II features no dead zones, ensuring seamless detection from 0cm to 14m+ with millimetre accuracy using continuous wave radar. With its advanced capabilities, the Pixel II vastly improves upon its competitors, offering the best in class performance for sewer monitoring.

A screenshot of a depth chart from the UDlive Pixel as shown in the UDlive Portal.

Believe in Better Data

At UDlive, we understand that our clients expect the highest level of accuracy and reliability from their sensors and data. That's why we've developed the Pixel II - the ultimate solution for collecting accurate, explainable data with unparalleled confidence levels. Our advanced technology provides detailed event deep dive data, giving you complete control and understanding of your system's performance. With the Pixel II, you can rest assured that you're getting the most out of your data collection efforts.

Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel II Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel II
Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel II Image of an installed CatsEye II Pixel II

Install Anywhere

Say goodbye to complicated and costly installations. With the Pixel II from UDlive, our cutting-edge technology allows for easy installation and replacement in just 5 minutes, without the need for any additional infrastructure. With our advanced multi-network cellular (2G, GPRS) and low power cellular (4G, NB-IoT, CAT-M1 and now CAT-1 bis) communications, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and reliable data transmission. Plus, with an impressive 8+ year battery life (subject to usage), you won't have to worry about frequent replacements or downtime.

Image of the components of the UDlive CatsEye II Pixel II
  • 8+ year battery life
  • Robust external housing
  • Powerful sensors

Powerful & Robust

The Pixel II features powerful sensors and components that are powered by an incredible 8-year battery life, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance. Our innovative design doesn't stop there - the Pixel II is encased in an extremely durable and robust external housing with an IP68 rating against dust and water ingress. This ensures that your sensor will remain safe and secure in even the harshest conditions, making it the perfect choice for outdoor and industrial applications.

Screenshot of the UDlive Portal

UDlive Portal

Revolutionise your sensor deployment and data capture process with UDlive's market-leading technology! Our innovative solutions make it easier than ever to deploy sensors and capture installation data, giving you unparalleled efficiency. The UDlive portal complements analytics systems by providing effortless integration and device status management. With real-time updates and detailed information, you can manage your sensors with ease and ensure maximum uptime and performance.

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