Image of the UDlive Smart Gully

UDlive Smart Gully

Highway drainage sensors for flood alerting and preventative maintenance. Accurate radar sensing, easy to fit and maintain.

Image of the UDlive Smart Gully's robust D400 rated composite gully grates being load tested.

Robust D400 Composite Grate

The UDlive Smart Gully is a patented technology utilising robust D400 rated composite gully grates. Using a cycle-friendly material, they are low noise and anti-slip. Contrary to traditional metal grates, they aren't likely to be stolen due to scrap value.

Image of the sensor embedded in the UDlive Smart Gully.

Embedded Sensor

Containing embedded sensors, the UDlive Smart Gully monitors the drainage environment. The system remotely sends back vital data on water level and blockages; you will receive advanced warnings of any event to reduce disruption and transform your maintenance operation.

Image of an installed UDlive Smart Gully.

Easy Installations and Maintenance

The UDlive Smart Gully can be installed as a standard gully and requires minimal maintenance. With the ultra-long battery life of 5-10 years, visits to the location are not required. The device can be replaced, moved or upgraded at any time with simplicity.

Screenshot of the UDlive Portal

UDlive Portal

Market leading ease and efficiency for deploying sensors and capturing installation data. Complement analytics systems with UDlive portal providing effort free device status management.

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Image of the pages of the UDlive Smart Gully datasheet.

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