Image of the UDlive Gully Cover

UDlive Gully Cover

UDlive Highway Rated D400 Gully Cover. A safe and quiet alternative to cast metal covers.

Image of the UDlive Gully Cover's robust D400 rated composite gully grates being load tested.

Robust D400 Composite Grate

The UDlive Gully Cover is a patented technology utilising robust D400 rated composite gully grates. Using a cycle-friendly material, they are low noise and anti-slip. Contrary to traditional metal grates, they aren't likely to be stolen due to scrap value.

Image of a UDlive Gully Cover installed on a road.

Lighweight and Quiet.

Easy and safe handling at just 11KG for a cover. Quite for residential areas with no more 'clanking'.

Image illustrating how the UDlive can be installed as well as sensor integrations.

Easy Installation and Sensor Ready

Install using the same methods as cast metal covers and compatible with UDlive gully sensor solutions.

Image of the pages of the UDlive Gully Cover datasheet.

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