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UDlive Pixel XT

The Pinnacle of Water Level Sensing

UDlive brings you the pinnacle of water level sensing with class leading Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Radar Level Sensor which can be used as a dedicated Modbus Sensor or combined with UDlive’s Modbus RTU.

Radar requires only a single sensor and no breather tube

Unaffected by wind and humidity

No annual drift

High accuracy & range from FMCW EHF radar

5x lower power than typical sensors

Ultra compact housing

For more information on why Pixel Radar in Pixel XT is the best technology for water and wastewater level and calculated flow measurement.

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Pixel XT Sensor installed in a septic tank.

Reliable Performance in Any Condition

With an hard anodized housing and in house designed embedded hardware and software, you can rest easy knowing that even in harsh conditions, the Pixel XT will perform flawlessly, ensuring continuous monitoring regardless of the environment.

Range: 0 - 14m (no deadband)

Accuracy: 0.01% FS

  • <1mm @ 7m
  • <2mm @ 14m

Modbus: Multiple Peak Registers with distance & Signal Quality

For more information on why Pixel XT the most resilient radar level sensor on the market and perfectly suited to SUDS, Reservoirs, Sewers and Process Equipment.

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Pixel Modbus RTU alongside a UDlive Pixel  XT sensor.

Modbus RTU

Enhance your Pixel XT radar functionality with our UDlive Modbus RTU. Seamlessly merge radar data logging and cellular connectivity for effortless remote monitoring. With its robust design, maintenance and repair needs are minimised, while its unobtrusive aesthetic ensures seamless integration into any environment.

This combined remote monitoring system translates to lower operational costs and less disruption to your monitoring efforts.

Flexibility: Modbus supports long cable runs maximising install location flexibility

Remote configuration: Two way configuration via Modbus

Reduce vandalism: Compact size blends in to the environment

For more information on why Modbus RTU & Pixel XT can offer you the lowest maintenance for surface water level sensing where site access is challenging.

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Chart showing the peak detected at 3752 mm alongside other peaks detected by the Pixel XT sensor.

Advanced Detail

Not only are 4 separate peak distances and their associated signal quality available via Modbus registers but also the entire echo dump is available via Modbus file for advanced diagnostics and environmental interpretation / decision making.

OTA Updates

Firmware is remote upgradable, and Pixel XT is fully configurable via two-way registers.

Real-time measurement

Combined with 20ms warm-up time and 50Hz reading frequency you really can get the most advanced technology in the most compact form.

Ultra low power

Ultra low power is ideal for battery powered telemetry without losing any of the functionality of more expensive, higher powered radar.

For more information on how you could save time and money by specifying Pixel XT as your go to monitoring solution.

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